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Custom Scarves Accessories

From materials to design, our fashion accessories are fully customizable to meet the diverse needs of your markets & customers. 

If your Custom Scarves project requires design services, here are some classic and popular examples, or you can create a beautiful scarf with our design team.

As accessories to match clothes
Share the incredible fancy ideas
Get people better understand the brand
Customize a special gift
Share the best shot and memory
Share the superb paniting skill

Choose Your Custom Scarves Style

At SCARF.COM, we have exclusive designers of fashion accessory shapes, from scarves, beachwear, bucket hats and cloth face coverings to any design required for precise application. Working closely with you, we will develop custom fashion accessories that best suit your local customer’s preferences or preferences. For any customization needs related to fashion accessories, please contact us.

Cashmere Feel Scarves

LP cashmere feel img 1

Blanket Scarves

LP blanket scarf img 1 AW 21002

Silk Feel Scarves

LP silk feel img 1 S 22003

Viscose Scarves

LP viscos scarf img 1 S 19004

Square Scarves

LP square scarf img 1 S 22049

Acrylic Scarves

LP acrylic scarf img 1 AW 19023

Choose Your Custom Scarves Fabric

Most of fabrics we provide are natural like silk, wool, cashmere and blend fabric, which are easy to degrade, recycle fabric like polyester fabric that made from recycle platic bottle, recycle cotton that made from recycle clothes or organic fabric like organic cotton,You can personalize your choice according to your needs.

Custom Fashion Accessories cashmere1
About s03 01 bg black img 5
About s03 01 bg img 2

Cashmere Feeling

Custom Fashion Accessories polyster 33
About s03 01 bg black img 5
About s03 01 bg img 2


Custom Fashion Accessories Cotton Fabric1
About s03 01 bg black img 5
About s03 01 bg img 2


Custom Fashion Accessories viscose fabric1
About s03 01 bg black img 5
About s03 01 bg img 2


Custom Fashion Accessories slik1
About s03 01 bg black img 5
About s03 01 bg img 2

Silk Feeling

Custom Fashion Accessories acrylic1
About s03 01 bg black img 5
About s03 01 bg img 2



SCARF.COM offers well-selected synthetic & natural materials of all sorts to help you custom make Custom Scarves of different functions with the right materials. 

Custom 02 test 04 img02
About s03 01 bg img 2

Synthetic Fiber

Choose Labels, Hangtags&Packages

SCARF.COM  From labels to hang tags to packaging, offers a variety of  options to make your fashion accessories more attractive to customers.
just feel free to talk with us about your requirements. 

Private Label & Customized Products

STRENGTHEN your brand identity with customized products. Include your business LOGO in your goods for MAXIMUM marketing exposure.

Get LEVERAGE in pricing with unique packaging and models. Your privately labeled goods make your STORE look professional. 

Logo Printing

Want to show the private label on your custom makeup brushes?

Printing Methods

  • Pad printing, screen printing, hot foil stamping on the handle
  •  Laser printing or engraving on the ferrules

Printing Position

Single-sided, double-sided or all-over printing

Design & Color

Any color or design


We make your brush handle a strong communication tool by helping you to print your logo with proper methods.

Custom s06 img01

This is a bucket hat customized by one of our Chinese customers belonging to their company. He said that he is very satisfied with the service this time.


Most frequent questions and answers

A: We provide a tailored service. Should you possess your own exclusive design or piece of artwork, kindly forward them to us. We can assist in getting them printed on the scarves. In case you lack a personal design, you are free to select from the array of designs we offer. Additionally, you have the option to select solid colour fabric.

You have the option to forward your design files to me using a platform known as wetransfer. The acceptable formats for the designs are TIFF, JPG, PDF, and PSD. To ensure high-quality print outcomes, it is essential that the resolution exceeds 150 DPI.

A: The cost of the scarf is influenced by various factors such as the type of silk material used, its dimensions, the printing method employed, the method of hemming, and the total quantity needed. Kindly provide us with your explicit specifications so we can offer you a detailed quote.

A: Absolutely, you have the freedom to send us your design or artwork. We are capable of manufacturing it for you.

A: Our minimum order quantity stands at 10 pieces for each design.

A: Our base is in Hangzhou, China, a city renowned for its contribution to silk manufacturing and refinement. Each of our silk scarves is crafted from pure silk of the finest 6A grade.

A: Indeed, maintaining high-quality standards is our topmost priority. We lay significant emphasis on quality management right from the stage of sourcing raw materials to the final product.

A: Our commitment to you extends beyond the point of sale. Should you encounter any difficulties with customs clearance, our team is ready and willing to offer advice and assistance. In the event that any items received are defective, rest assured that we take responsibility for them. Payment does not signal the end of our relationship; rather, it’s the beginning. Our goal is to establish a long-standing business relationship, fostering a solid and beneficial partnership.

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