Jacky Zhu

Hey, I’m the webmaster of SCARF.COM, Jacky Zhu, and for some social accounts, I will use Jacky_Z. You can call me Jacky.
Please don’t be surprised by the picture on the left, I’m not a chef. lol
It’s just that I don’t have many pictures of my personal life, so I put a picture of me cooking for a friend to make up the numbers. : )

My current occupation is a clothing accessory fabricator/customization specialist.

Over the past 23 years, we have helped over 55 countries and over 150 customers such as Scarves, Bucket Hat, Beachwear find the right supplier for them.

Just as I enjoy making great food for my friends, I write down our years of experience to share our knowledge related to manufacturing, customizing, supplying, importing and exporting clothing accessories.

SCARF.COM offers high quality printable accessory products

We offer the following products (hot products).
. Scarves in various sizes
.Mainly polyester/viscose/acrylic fabric
.Beachwear (all styles of scarves can be reprocessed into beachwear/shawl)
.Bucket Hats

We also focus and specialize in light textiles with various printing/customization/manufacturing
Export business

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WhatsApp:+86 15355307372

WeChat:+86 15355307372

Email:[email protected]

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