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who are we? was established in 2016, we have been in the fashion accessories industry for more than 23 years, before we focused on domestic trade, now we intend to let the world see the changes of, that’s why you can see this website.

We have a strong supply chain, engaged in the development, design and production of scarves, with a professional design and development team, multiple production lines and teams, and an excellent sales team. We have more than 2,000 secondary wholesale customers and cooperate with hundreds of leading platform merchants. Our products are well received by customers for their unique style and stable quality.

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Why choose

The whole process of making a scarf


Customized services we can provide

Hot-selling products in the field


Relevant transaction process details


Questions When Finding Suppliers

About printing and packaging


Scarf industry knowledge

Why Choose SCARF.COM?

We’ve spent 23 years focusing on one thing, just to make the best scarves. Let customers at ease while enjoying the charm brought by fashion accessories.

Stock Surplus

We have multiple production lines and can deliver finished products quickly if customization is not required.

On-demand customization

You provide a design idea, and we will give you a satisfactory solution.

Our advantage

With years of traditional experience, we are deeply involved in the fashion accessories industry and provide personalized customization services.

Team professional

20 front-line employees have more than 10 years of maturity, and more than 200 front-line employees strictly control every technology.

Customized Services Available

See the Custom Accessories page for all the services we can offer in custom scarves. Click the button below.

Scarf Making Process


Scarves are one of the most popular weaving projects, Choose the fabric you want and you can adjust it according to what you find while knitting.

Dyed Cloth

Eco-friendly dyes for a soft silk scarf. Wearing a colorful tie-dye scarf, you can look like a rainbow wherever you go.


We have traditional screen printing, double-sided printing and digital printing. Tell us your requirements and we will solve everything.

Cut Cloth

We will give your scarf a different experience through our exquisite cutting process, ribbons, and tassels of your choice.


Join us skilled craftsmen will cut your scarf to perfection, from the details of the scarf scarf-rolled edge move you.


We focus on packaging design, and our products are delivered in beautifully designed boxes, perfect for giving as gifts.

Our about

Hot Products

Click on the link and we recommend our customers’ favorites to buy

Our online display of scarves exudes sophistication and practicality. will produce unique fashion accessory hot items that are elegant and stylish.

You ask, we answer

Here’s what we’ve put together about ordering, shipping, payment, and more. If you want to know more, you can click below to contact us.

  • For re-customization/flower/style/design
    3000pcs/each color
    The specific quantity is subject to the actual order

We have our own import and export company, depending on how you want us to work with you.

  • Delivery to your purchasing agent in China
  • Shanghai Port/Ningbo Port Delivery
    – You contact the shipping company and delivery address.
  • It can also be shipped by air, but the price of air freight will be higher, depending on your needs.

You can ask us if we have stock by sending a picture of your favorite style.

  • If in stock, it will be ready in about 3-7 days.
  • If you need customization, it usually takes around 30 days to make the goods.
  • You can place your order and pay directly in our B2B store.
  • You can also transact with us by: T/T, L/C at sight, Western Union, Paypal, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions When Finding Suppliers

Many customers often have no ideas when looking for foreign suppliers, do not know how to choose, and do not know how to identify a good supplier. We have compiled the following points for you to pay attention to.

Rising costs

With the increase of raw material price, the production cost of scarf products further increases, it is our responsibility to help our customers to reduce the cost.

Long transportation period

If the delivery speed is fast, you can get more market share. we have a strong production supply chain, which can ensure the delivery lead time of customers is greatly shortened.

Lack of Design

as a global scarf supplier, we have a strong product design team that can meet the design needs of various customers.

Quality is not guaranteed

Quality is the top priority of all foreign trade enterprises, Our strength and product quality are recognized by the industry and stand the test of the market.

How to Choose Printing

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Screen Printing

The main advantage is that it creates a vivid effect with distinct lines not only on the front but also on the back.

Double-Sided Printing

is an upgraded version of regular digital printing, which can print artwork on both sides of the fabric.

Digital Printing

It is the process of printing digital images directly onto silk, which can print any complex artwork, images.

About the package

Label customization

The price of customizing these labels depends on your quantity because the cost of printing these things depends on the quantity.                                

Tag customization

Similar to this custom Labels, Hangtags, things are not the same and the number customizations are also different.
We can discuss the details.


Different Cartons are customized according to the specific style and fabric chose.。

Our happy customers

We have sold to thousands of customers

Customer satisfaction is our greatest pursuit, we are not only a cooperative relationship, but also a friendship!

Eren Hill

H&H Partners


“I was very pleased with my experience – I knew it was from overseas, the site made the buying process exceptionally easy and fast, and it looked beautiful. It was the perfect gift, I found when I needed it and I will be ordering more scarves there in the future!” 

Codey Joyner

UrbanAcres, LLC


I really super like and support scarves very much, the quality is very good, very satisfactory, and completely exceeded expectations, the scarves are very diverse, carefully rolled, and cut to quality.

Emanuel Sadler



it again made me feel like fashion is everywhere, just the silk scarf alone fascinated me. understands the value of fashion accessories and it was a pleasant shopping experience, if you like fashion accessories too, I believe is a good choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A scarf is a piece of fabric worn around the neck or head for warmth, sun protection, cleanliness, fashion, or used to show support for a sports club or team. They can be made in a variety of different materials such as wool, linen, silk, or cotton. It is a common type of neckwear.

Scarf products can be divided into: scarves, shawls, scarves, veils
According to the material, it can be divided into: silk scarf, knitted scarf, acrylic scarf, linen scarf, wool scarf, cashmere scarf, velvet blended scarf.

The scarf is a winter warmth essential. In recent years, with the development of society and high economic level, people’s demand for scarves is increasing, and the processing of scarves also requires very fine, and the fashionable people like to wear the beast pattern scarf, is no longer the real fur, has evolved into silk, cashmere and other very soft materials. With the continuous improvement of scarf processing technology, the number of types continues to increase.

China’s scarf features a small number of brand enterprises, overseas visibility is low, and homogeneous competition is serious, for the long-term development of the industry is very unfavorable.

In the same technology, the same raw materials, the same equipment conditions, the same level of management, enterprises have been from the original product quality competition, to spell personality, service. To be able to do the elements of brand success, ultimately the struggle for brand value.

Printing process, yarn-dyed process, jacquard process, hand-painted process, tie-dye process.
The dyeing process is the most skilled process in the scarf factory. Tie-dyeing technology is mainly divided into two key links: tie-dyeing and dyeing. The former part is called “tie”, but the actual operation can be divided into folding, folding, twisting, buttoning, sewing, and loading. The second half is called “dyeing”, which includes three processes: pre-treatment, dyeing, and finishing.

1. The wool fabric is comfortable and warm, and the elasticity is also very good. The scarf is easy to recover after deformation, but the phenomenon of hair loss is inevitable.
2. Wearing a cotton scarf is also very comfortable and has a good thermal effect, but it is not resistant to wear and tear. The scarf is easy to leave wrinkles, and dark-colored cotton scarves are easy to fade.
3. Hemp fabrics are more breathable but not very elastic and lack skin-friendly.
4. The biggest advantage of silk scarves is that they are beautiful and smooth, but silk fabrics generally shrink.
5. Polyester and other fabrics have poor air permeability but are easy to take care of.

Raw material→dipping→winding→twisting→doubling→twisting→setting→reversing→warping→weaving Weft yarn: raw material→dipping→winding→doubling→natural setting→reversing→weaving

China’s scarves are mainly exported to the United States, South Korea, Britain, Italy, Canada, and other countries. Upstream silk, cashmere, and some other very soft materials are favored by foreign countries. According to Chinese customs data, the export of other textile materials made of shawl, turban, scarf, pashmina, veil: in 2015, the number of exports 1334.653 million, the export amount of $ 299.504 million; in 2019, the number of exports 5.889 million, the export amount of $ 51.987 million; in 2021, the number of exports 82.231 million, the export amount of 11496.53 USD.

Anti-dumping and technical barriers to trade are still prevalent, and “special safeguard clauses” that are simple to start and flexible to apply are increasingly being used to restrict the import of Chinese textiles.
Some media and politicians in some Western countries use trade frictions as an excuse to link “non-market economy terms” with China’s product safety and exchange rate issues

1. Establish a strategic awareness of using the Internet to shape market competitiveness. The foreign trade scarf factory establishes a strategic planning awareness and forms a scientific business philosophy. Facing such a huge market, only by using the Internet to shape market competitiveness can the foreign trade scarf factory objectively face the changing market environment and survive and develop better.
2. The construction and management of online brands, consumers’ choices of commodities are becoming more and more diversified and rational, and the motive for purchasing decisions is largely the brand. In the Internet era, it is easier for consumers to learn brand knowledge from the Internet, including brand introduction, brand history, brand spokesperson stories, product features, promotional information, and other user reviews of the brand on the Internet.

Scarf fabrics: mainly divided into four categories: animal, plant fiber fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics and blended fabrics.
1. Animal fibers commonly used in scarves are mainly wool, cashmere and silk fabrics.
2. Common plant fiber fabrics include cotton, rayon, bamboo fiber, etc.
3. Polyester and chiffon are common chemical fiber fabrics.
4. Scarf blended fabrics are generally made of silk, cotton and linen blended in a certain proportion.

In spring and autumn, when the weather is cooler, cotton fabrics are preferred, and fabrics such as modal and acrylic are also good.
In the hot summer, scarves made of silk or hemp fabrics are more suitable, because these fabrics have better air permeability.
In winter, warm fabrics such as wool or cashmere are mainly used.

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