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Looking for fashion accessories to enrich your fashion line? SCARF.COM, As an experienced fashion scarf manufacturer, offering a wide range of styles of professional and travel scarves.

“Quality first, never second” is our principle. High-quality materials, advanced technology and excellent service have attracted thousands of customers from all over the world. 

We are a creative agency with a full range of scarves services, staffed by an experienced and innovative team. Our mission is to help you bring your brand to the right audience in the right way.

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We focus on one thing for 23 years to make the best scarf.

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Do you want to customize your pattern or logo, we have a professional customization team, tell us your needs.

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Want to wholesale scarves?

These are our own designed scarf styles, which are sold to more than 200 countries around the world.If you see something you like, you can save the product picture and contact us for cooperation.

Our best selling products

Side Strip Big Flower




scarf fabric

We will recommend some of the best fabrics for your scarf.


Wool has long been prized for its luxurious softness. Wool fabric will keep your skin warm and comfortable.


Silk has a smooth texture and an attractive luster. It's stronger and tougher than any other fabric.


Viscose fabric is a blessing for summer. Viscose fabric is very breathable and has a good flow. Mixed with other fabrics, it has a wide range of uses.


Acrylic is an artificial fiber made from a synthetic polymer of acrylonitrile. It protects the color well and does not fade easily.

Want a custom scarf service?

Are you still looking for a custom scarf? We have prepared a detailed customization process for you! Click the “Know More” button below to check it out!

The benefits of custom scarves

  • The custom scarf can meet your freedom for scarf design ideas.
  • The custom scarf will give you the best marketing results, as a gift for business events, holiday special gifts.

What custom services you can get?


We will provide specialized designers to solve your needs one-on-one. Of course, you can also send us the design directly.


Our regular fabrics are Cashmere, Polyester, Slik, Viscose and so on. If you need other fabrics we can also provide them.

Printing Method

We have traditional screen printing, double-sided printing, and digital printing.If you have any requirements for printing, please let us know.

Custom Edge

You can choose the edge of the scarf on your own, it can be fringe, ribbon. Or even more.

Labels and tags

We will sew your own label on the scarf and make a personalized tag just for you.

Logo Printing

We are providing services to print logos on scarves, packaging, anywhere.

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quality assurance

We hold product line verification reports and supplier evaluation reports. We produce every step of the process in compliance with national standards.

innovative design

We have a strong design team and experienced artisans to create an exclusive design plan for your market.

Quality service

We provide you with one-stop service, and we will do our best in every aspect from pre-sales to after-sales.

On time delivery

We have a strong supply chain and rich foreign trade resources, fast delivery, to ensure the accuracy of delivery time.

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Hi, we are a professional service team

 These are some photos during the service process. Customers are very satisfied and will cooperate for a long time. If you need it, please contact us Bar! Our team will be arranged for you immediately.

We have a professional service team, which provides one-on-one assistance from product design selection to packaging.

Order related instructions

Confirm the customization plan

Before ordering, we will communicate with you to understand your requirements of scarf customization/wholesale plan.

Sending samples and production

After getting your approval, we will send you the sample quickly. We will arrange the workshop assembly line production immediately after you pay the deposit.


After the production, we will ask the workshop staff to pack the scarf according to its size.


We have our own import-export company, you can choose to opt for affordable shipping with delivery in Shanghai/Ningbo port. You can also use air freight, which is just expensive.

The Best Diverse Fabrics & Styles

Our fashion accessories featuring outstanding styles & functions will help you make a statement with your brand.

Fine Edge Design

High Quality Fabric

Smooth Silk

Multifunctional Use

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • If direct wholesale, take our spot stock, then there is no quantity limit.
  • Our normal one color/design, MOQ, is at least 1200-3000pcs/design/color

    If your quantity is small, we can barely stop other large quantity orders and help you produce, but the quantity must be at least 120+/- per design or more.

    Because we are large machine production, rather than a few people in the hand workshop.

    Please understand this.

We have our own import and export company, depending on how you want us to work with you.

  • Delivery to your purchasing agent in China
  • Shanghai Port/Ningbo Port Delivery
    – You contact the shipping company and delivery address.
  • It can also be shipped by air, but the price of air freight will be higher, depending on your needs.

A scarf is a must for keeping warm in winter. In recent years, with the development of society and the improvement of economic level, people’s demand for silk scarves is increasing, and the processing of silk scarves is also very delicate, and fashionable people like to wear beast pattern silk scarves, which is no longer true Fur, has evolved into very soft materials such as silk and cashmere. With the continuous improvement of scarf processing technology, the types are increasing.

China’s scarf features a small number of brand enterprises, overseas visibility is low, and homogeneous competition is serious, for the long-term development of the industry is very unfavorable.

In the same technology, the same raw materials, the same equipment conditions, the same level of management, enterprises have been from the original product quality competition, to spell personality, service. To be able to do the elements of brand success, ultimately the struggle for brand value.

In spring and autumn, when the weather is cooler, cotton fabrics are preferred, and fabrics such as modal and acrylic are also good.
In the hot summer, scarves made of silk or hemp fabrics are more suitable, because these fabrics have better air permeability.
In winter, warm fabrics such as wool or cashmere are mainly used.

Printing process, yarn-dyed process, jacquard process, hand-painted process, tie-dye process.
The dyeing process is the most skilled process in the scarf factory. Tie-dyeing technology is mainly divided into two key links: tie-dyeing and dyeing. The former part is called “tie”, but the actual operation can be divided into folding, folding, twisting, buttoning, sewing, and loading. The second half is called “dyeing”, which includes three processes: pre-treatment, dyeing, and finishing.

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