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Looking for a bucket hat customize to enrich your fashion line? SCARF.COM, as experienced fashion accessories, wholesale custom bucket hats professional & create your own bucket hat in all sorts of styles.

“Quality first, never second” is our principle. High-quality materials, advanced technology and excellent service have attracted thousands of customers from all over the world.

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Custom personalized bucket hat


How To Make A Bucket Hat?


About Delivery Method


Our Advantage

Want Custom Bucket Hats?


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We are a creative agency with a full range of bucket hat services, staffed by an experienced and innovative team. Our mission is to help you bring your brand to the right audience in the right way. 

who are we?

We are a creative agency with a full range of bucket hat services, staffed by an experienced and innovative team. Our mission is to help you bring your brand to the right audience in the right way. 

Our Advantage

We’ve always been on the shared expectation of better customized bucket hats. Our fashion and visual designers are constantly striving to develop something that will appeal to your senses. Our goal has always been to satisfy your needs, so we’ve incorporated a lot of new aspects into our bucket hat design concept.

You can directly choose the one you like from the products below, and send us the pictures and sku

Do you want to customize your pattern or logo, we have a professional customization team, tell us your needs.

why choose us?

We've always been on the shared expectation of better bucket hats. Our fashion and visual designers are constantly striving to develop something that will appeal to your senses. Our goal has always been to satisfy your needs, so we've incorporated a lot of new aspects into our bucket hat design concept.

Feature Listing

Want to wholesale bucket hat?

These are our own designed bucket hats, which are sold to more than 150 countries around the world. If you see something you like, you can save the product picture and contact us for cooperation.

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Well Developed

Choose our custom made bucket hat for a summer trip. The new bucket hat will not only protect you from the sun and rain, but also show off your fashion sense. We have compiled for you some of the styles that our customers frequently order.

Want to get detailed data, contact us.


Custom Made Bucket Hats

Get Customize Bucket Hats Service

Want to know more about the specific content of the customizable bucket hats, fill in the form to get in touch with us? We will reply you within 3 working days.

How to Get Bucket Hat Customization Service?

Step 1

About choosing a product. If you have carefully selected a bucket hat, leave it to us. If you can't make up your mind, you can also contact our fashion designer. Tell him everything you want about the bucket hat.

Step 2

About the order minimum. For 300 pieces in each color, you can change the style, design, pattern, and logo. The exact quantity is dependent on the actual order.

Step 3

About the quote. We have also prepared a detailed process for you, you can send us more information.

Step 4

About sending samples, we will send you samples in time after reaching a quotation.

Step 5

About shipping time. If there is enough stock, the goods will be ready within 3-7 days; if customized, it may take about 30 days to finish the goods.

Custom personalized bucket hat

Custom embroidered bucket hat

You can use embroidery as a logo on your bucket hat. Embroidery not only gives a three-dimensional look, but also has the ability to make a very distinctive statement. Using embroidery on a bucket hat will also keep your logo longer.

Custom printed bucket hat

Put the print design you want on your bucket hat,Online design is very convenient, once we receive your design, we will send out samples as fast as possible. It even takes only 24 hours or even less. You can have complete peace of mind when it comes to the efficiency of the production.

Custom text, pattern bucket hat

You can send us a variety of text and pattern to use on your bucket hat. This includes the size of the font, the color, the style and placement of the image. If you prefer, we will also provide you with our existing styles.

Easy Like Never Before


How To Make A Bucket Hat?

  • Choose Your Design
  • Confirm the fabric, color, style
  • customized logo
  • The factory starts cutting, sewing, ironing
  • Finishing the Hat
  • Sample Confirmation
  • Mass Production

About Delivery Method

  • Delivery to your purchasing agent in China
  • Shanghai Port/Ningbo Port Delivery– You contact the shipping company and delivery address.
  • We have our own import and export company, you just need to tell us the delivery address, and we will provide a one-stop logistics service for you.
  • It can also be shipped by air, but the price of air freight will be higher, depending on your needs.


Choose your preferred shipping method

When Can Bucket Hats Be Used?

The bucket hat has been in circulation since the 19th century and has maintained its position as a fashion trend that has never gone out of style. You can use it as a piece for outdoor sports in summer, as a gift for company events, and as a souvenir for sports events. You can also use the bucket hat as a gift for your family and friends.

When And Where Do You Need to Wear A Bucket Hat?

In summer at the seaside, we can wear a fisherman hat to protect against UV rays.

In winter, you can wear a bucket hat to keep warm.

The street-cool bucket hat will make you stand out.

We’re Here To All Your Questions

We have standard unit prices, but we also need to give you a reasonable quote based on the actual situation according to the customization of fabrics, styles, logos and hangtags.

Perhaps you are considering a bucket hat size, our common size is 22.83in (58cm), this bucket hat size is basically suitable for most people to wear. If you need to change the size, it’s a small problem, tell us anything you need about the size of the bucket hat.

Of course, we will take reasonable discount according to your customized quantity, so that you can enjoy the good quality and low price of bucket hat.

  • You can place your order and pay directly on our B2B Store.
  • You can also trade with us through these methods: T/T, L/C at sight, Western Union, Paypal, etc.

Want To Buy In Stock From Our B2B & B2C Store?




Most Frequent Questions And Answers
  • If direct wholesale, take our spot stock, meaning MOQ is 1pcs enough.
  • Most of the design styles/images/SKUs that we upload are in stock.

Of course, use your own logo to promote your hat brand. Or use embroidery to showcase your unique ideas and creativity and make the hat meaningful.

  • Our normal order quantity for one color/design is at least 200 pieces/design/color
    – If you are a small or medium-sized enterprise and the custom quantity is small, we also open a new way: MOQ: 50pcs/design/color

  • However, you can start by sending me your ideas for the desired design, design or file to be customized. I can have one of our technicians take a look at your idea first and then discuss it with you.
  • Contact us now.
  • You can ask us if we have stock by sending a picture of your favorite style.

    • If in stock, it will be ready in about 3-7 days.
    • If you need customization, it usually takes around 30 days to make the goods.
  • If you have a limited budget, or a limited number of custom.
    Your custom branding can be done in the form of small labels on our original design pattern products.
    The cost of displaying a custom logo with a small tag will barely make a dent.

Generally speaking, there are many small labels, and here are a few common ones you can choose from.

The cost per scarf is about FOB price $2

Different materials, different sizes, different grams, different prices.

Regular size

-Material: 50% Cotton + 50% Polyester
-Size: 22.83in (58cm)
-Weight: 2.29oz(65g)
-Packing: Opp Bag


  • Please tell us your specific address, different countries, different shipping methods taken and time will be different, you contact us first and tell me your specific shipping address.
  • Sea freight is the cheapest, but takes the longest, most countries internationally, depending on the distance from China. Generally speaking, it can arrive in 15-45 days.
  • Air freight is fast, but will be more expensive than sea freight, most countries internationally, it takes 7-15 days.
  • International express, the fastest, most of the world, 5-7 days to arrive.
  • The process of international transportation is closely related to the volume and weight of the two.
  • Please tell me the quantity you need to order, as well as the specific receiving country, receiving address, I will account for the shipping cost within 24 hours, customized to send you.
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