How To Import Scarves From China To France

Why import scarves from China to France?

First, importing scarves from China to France saves you money because it’s cheaper than purchasing them in France. Also, since there are so many different types of scarves available in China, you can find exactly what you’re looking for at a much lower price than in France.

In addition, if you have an idea about what kind of scarf you want but aren’t sure which one would be best suited to your needs or tastes, importing scarves from China will give you more options.

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What are the steps to import scarves from China to France? 

If you’re looking to take your scarf business to the next level, there’s no better place to source them than China. But importing scarves from China to France is not as simple as just placing an order on Alibaba and waiting for them to arrive. Here are the steps you’ll need to take to import scarves from China to France:

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  • 1. Firstly, you need to find suppliers who can offer high-quality scarves at competitive prices. Find Chinese scarf buyers – this should not be too difficult as there are many scarf buyers in China who are keen to do business with foreign buyers. Try searching online or attending trade shows.
  • 2. If you find a scarf supplier, negotiate with that scarf supplier via scarf mail to agree on the price, quantity, quality, and delivery date of the scarf.
  • 3. Once the deal is finalized, the scarf supplier will ship the scarves to France. Depending on the size of the order, this may take a few days or weeks.
  • 4. The scarves arrive in France and they will need to clear customs before they can be delivered to you. This process can sometimes be time-consuming, so be patient!
  • 5. Finally, the scarves clear customs, and they are delivered to your doorstep – voila, you have successfully imported scarves from China to France!

How long does it take to import a scarf from China to France?

It depends on the kind of shipping you choose. If you want a faster shipment, it’ll cost more money. Generally, it takes about a week to ship from China to France if you use air shipping and about a month if you use sea shipping. 

You can also choose international express, like DHL, FedEx, and UPS, which typically have an arrival time of 5-7 working days. The benefit of using a courier is that you can track your parcel throughout the delivery process with real-time status updates and notifications. You’ll know exactly when your shipment will arrive – and what time frame you expect it to be there in. They offer a variety of services and pricing options and are always very reliable.

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What you need to know before importing scarves from China

Before importing scarves from China, there are a few things you should bear in mind.


Check trade laws in China and France

You should also be aware of the customs laws in China and France. These laws may impact your ability to import scarves or increase the time and cost involved. First, you’ll need to check if you need an import license or permit for your scarf. Some scarves may have export restrictions or quotas limiting their availability in foreign markets (like France).

In addition, China has stringent trade policies that regulate many aspects of international trade—including duties and tariffs on imports into the country. To learn more about these issues, see our Knowledge Base article on Importing from China: Customs Clearance & Trade Laws


Necessary documents:

Before you start the import process, you must gather the necessary documents. The most important of these are:

4 How to import scarves from China to France How To Import Scarves From China To France SCARF.COM
  • Import license. This document allows you to import scarves from China into France. It is issued by the French Customs authority and can be obtained through an intermediary such as a freight forwarder or customs broker. Before applying for this license, you will need proof that the scarf factory meets European standards.
  • Samples of your scarves that are ready for transport.
  • Packing list with details about each item being shipped.
  • Invoice indicating who has made or sold these items; also includes other relevant information such as descriptions of scarves sold.


Entry summary declaration

The entry summary declaration (ESD) is a document you must fill out for every shipment you import into France.

It’s an online form with soft copy attachments, and it can be found on the Customs website (French only).

You will also have to provide proof of identity when submitting your ESD. This can be in the form of a passport, driver’s license, or ID card. In addition, if you are using someone else’s ESD, they must first authorize you as their agent by signing off on their screen name in front of a notary or bailiff.

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Certificates of Origin

A Certificate of Origin is an official document issued by the country’s government where your scarves are manufactured. It’s used to confirm that your scarf was manufactured in a particular country, which can help you save on taxes when you import it into another country like France.

The most common type of certificate is called a C-Tick. This is an EU-wide certificate issued by any member state within the European Union (EU). When it comes to China, you’ll need to get your C-Tick from one of China’s designated offices abroad: Hong Kong or Singapore usually work well for most companies as they’re located close enough but relatively cheap and easy to get certified through!



The CMR (“Certificat de la marchandise réceptionnée”) is the document that confirms the contents and value of your shipment. This certificate must be signed by a representative of your company and each carrier who picks up or drops off your scarves. Having a copy on hand is also essential, as you may need to provide it to customs authorities in France.

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Packing list

When shipping your scarves to France, you’ll need to prepare a packing list that includes all the imported items, their quantities, and any special instructions. This will help ensure that everything makes it safely to its destination.

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CIM consignment note

The CIM consignment note is a document that can be used to send shipments from China to France. It contains information about the shipment, including its weight, dimensions, and value.

The format is quite simple: there are three columns on the left side of the page (marked “1,” “2”, and “3”), followed by space for information on both sides of the page.

  • In column 1, fill out your name or company’s name;
  • In column 2, enter any relevant information about the scarf being shipped (such as what it’s made of);
  • In column 3, include your contact details (name and email address).
  • Columns 4-6 should contain information on how long each leg of your journey will take—for example: if you’re shipping via air freight, then this might include flight numbers/dates/times; if you’re using boat transport, then mention departure days/times per port; if land transportation is involved then specify which roads will be taken etcetera

Certificate of shipment

You will need to have a certificate of shipment to import your scarves. A certificate of shipment is a document that proves that the scarves have been shipped and can be used as proof of origin.

Certificates of shipment are commonly used in international trade to confirm receipt, but they can also serve as evidence of shipping and delivery for customs purposes.

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FAQ about importing scarves from China to France

1.  import duty 

Import duty is a tax that must be paid on scarves purchased from another country. The amount of import duty is calculated based on the value of the scarves. The price you paid for the scarf in China. This is known as “cost, insurance, and freight” (CIF). It includes all costs of getting your package to its final destination, including shipping fees and taxes.

2. What’s the cheapest way to ship scarves from China to France? 

The answer is: by sea. The sea route is always the most economical, as it takes longer than other shipping methods. However, you can save money by choosing a cheaper shipping company.

If you want to ship your scarves from China to France via sea route, you need to find a shipping company that offers reliable services at low prices. You can get a quote from a shipping company, or you can get one from a freight forwarder. The prices might differ depending on which option you choose, so make sure that you do some research before making your final decision.

3. How can I ensure that my scarves arrive on time?

There are many things to consider when importing scarves from China to France, including transportation and customs. First, it would help if you never forgot about your customer’s needs. You must choose a reliable shipping company to ensure your scarves arrive on time. The best way to do this is by asking for recommendations from other customers who have already shipped products overseas.

4. After importing scarves from China, how long is the customs clearance process in France? 

Once you’ve imported scarves from China, the next step is to clear them through your country’s customs.

How long it takes to clear your scarves through customs depends on the type of scarves, their value, and where they are being shipped from. For example, the customs clearance process in France takes about 2-3 days.

Importing scarves from China to France is a widespread practice. The main reason is that many French people love Chinese silk and other scarves. It is also easy to find silk scarf suppliers in China who can provide high-quality scarves at reasonable prices. You can import the scarves by following the steps outlined above or contact a professional freight forwarder for help with customs clearance and shipping logistics.

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