What is Mulberry Silk? Discover the Luxurious “King of Silk”

What is Mulberry Silk

Do you know what is mulberry silk and is it the best fabric? Mulberry silk is the “King of Silk” and is 100% made of natural silk. Follow me, let’s explore the world of mulberry silk.

What is Mulberry Silk Made Of?

Mulberry silk, a silky fiber produced by silkworms domesticated by humans, is one of the earliest animal fibers ever used. The worms produce liquid silk or natural fibers once they are fully mature. This fiber is lightweight, soft and absorbent. Mulberry silk contains over 18 amino acids, and is rich in protein fibers, which are beneficial to human hair and skin. Mulberry silk, when properly cared for, is the most luxurious and breathable of all silk fibers.

Silk was produced in China thousands of years ago and has become one of most popular silks worldwide.

Tussah Silk is produced by Antheraea silkworms and is comparable to Mulberry Silk. Silks such as Muga, Spider and Ahimsa are also of good quality but not used as often.

Mulberry Silkworms are the only silkworms that feed exclusively on mulberry. Mulberry Silkworms have been domesticated and their silk production has been monitored. This is different from other silkworms that produce silk naturally. Mulberry Silkworms produce high-quality silk, compared to other alternatives which may have a coarse or irregular texture.

What is Mulberry Silk Made Of
What is Mulberry Silk Made Of

What is mulberry silk vs silk?

What makes mulberry silk different from regular silk? Mulberry silk is sometimes referred to the “King” of Silk. There are many reasons why it stands out.

There are a few factors that distinguish between silk and mulberry silk.

Strands – The strands are uniformly longer and finer because Bombyx mori moths feed only on the white mulberry leaves. Other silks are made with shorter fibers, which can cause abnormalities to the material.

Color – Mulberry Silk is always white, no exceptions. It’s a perfect complement for luxurious bedding.

Texture: Other types of silk are usually rougher, while mulberry silk has a buttery-soft texture.

Mulberry silk is more expensive because it is a premium product.

Mulberry silk has no scent. This is a remarkable characteristic.

Mulberry silk is antibacterial and hypoallergenic, making it a great choice for anyone with sensitive skin. This silk contains a natural protein called sericin that reduces allergic reactions.

What is the highest grade of silk?

The Japanese term ‘Momme,’ which is used to measure weight and quality, is called ‘Momme.’ It is the same as thread count for cotton products. Momme is a measure of the weight and density of silk. 

A higher momme indicates that there are more silk strands per 100 yards, making the fabric heavier, more durable and of higher quality. Momme ranges from 11-momme up to 25-momme. The higher the better!

What is special about mulberry silk? Benefits and Uses

Hypoallergenic and beneficial for sensitive skin

Mulberry silk has a natural hypoallergenic quality and is resistant to dust mites and other allergens. This silk is completely free of potentially irritating chemicals, making it perfect for people with allergies and sensitive skin. The smooth, tightly-woven fibers of mulberry help to keep allergens away, creating a healthier sleeping environment.

Temperature Regulating

Mulberry silk has natural moisture-wicking and insulating properties. It can keep you cool in summer and warm in winter, so it’s perfect for any season.

Hydrating Hair and Skin

Mulberry silk can help your skin and hair retain moisture while you sleep. Cotton pillowcases, for example, can actually draw moisture from your hair and skin. Mulberry silk pillowcase is the best option for your skin and hair to stay healthy.

Avoiding Tangles and Breakage

Mulberry silk’s smooth surface is friction-free and helps to reduce friction on your hair. This prevents tangles as well as frizz. Mulberry silk will keep your hair smooth and tangle free. Use a silk pillowcase to sleep on at night, and a gentle silk scrunchie during the day to protect your hair.

Minimizing Sleep Wrinkles

The silky surface of our mulberry pillowcases or one of our silk sleep masks is as if you were giving your skin a spa treatment each night. Our silk pillowcases and mulberry pillowcases have a soft, silky surface that minimizes wrinkles from sleeping on your pillow. Silk is recommended by many dermatologists for its gentle and smooth surface, which won’t cause any friction or pressure to the skin.

Mulberry Silk Bedding: How to wash & care for it

Can you wash mulberry silk? Yes, Mulberry silk bedding is luxurious, but not as difficult to care for as you might think. Did you know almost all silk bedding is easily cared for? Carefully caring for your Mulberry Silk products, whether you use a washer, a dry cleaner or even fresh air and sunlight, will ensure that your bedding stays soft and luxurious for many years.

How to wash a Mulberry silk comforter

Washing a mulberry-silk comforter is as simple as running it through the rinse cycle of your washing machine. Be sure to avoid heavy cycles, which can damage bedding. If you choose a gentle cycle and low heat (ideally not higher than 80F), then you can machine-dry the comforter. 

Wool dryer balls can help to break up any clumps that may occur during the drying process. You can also have your comforter cleaned professionally. A rinse cycle might not be enough to remove stains from accidents such as spilled coffee. Professional dry cleaners will use the right products to remove deep, stubborn stains while maintaining the integrity of the mulberry silk.

Every few months, air out a mulberry-silk comforter in direct sunlight.

How to wash a Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

The mulberry silk pillowcases can be washed on the delicate cycle. However, we recommend that you protect them by using a washing bag. It can prevent damages like tears and loose threads. Also, we recommend that you never mix colors or wash pillowcases in other materials. Using the bag to wash all your bedding will prevent pillowcases getting tangled with other items.

To get the best results, dry mulberry silk pillows on a line or by air. After drying, you can iron the pillowcases on a low heat setting to restore their suppleness and sheen.

How to wash a Mulberry Silk pillow

We recommend spot cleaning to ensure that your silk pillow will last as long as possible. Mixing cool water and a teaspoon Dawn dish soap will work well to treat oily stains. Dip a clean piece of paper towel in the mixture, then blot on the stain. Repeat as many times as needed. A trip to the dry-cleaner should be sufficient if further cleaning is required.


Avoid these harsh products when cleaning your mulberry bedding: bleach, fabric softener or optical brightener. Also, avoid detergents that contain enzymes or alkalis. These products can cause damage to silk fibers when used in the washing of mulberry bedding.

Mulberry Silk has a unique quality that is appreciated worldwide. The silk industry has a wide range of silk qualities. This fabric is used in the majority of lingerie and bed covers. It’s also used in pillowcases. Softness and gentleness on the skin make it an ideal material for sleepwear.

Wholesale the mulberry silk

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