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Q: How Much Does A Scarf Cost? A: Start USD$0.7 – What?


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A guide from A to Z of scarf cost analysis.

Let me tell you the answer first, the cost of a scarf is between USD$0.7-USD$2000.

Yes, you read it right.

Of course, regular 100% polyester scarves are priced at USD $2.10-USD $4.50 per piece.

why such a big difference?

Then please look down.

The cost of the scarf is divided into many kinds.

For personal production, it is the cost of fabric, the cost of handwork, and the cost of time. In the case of a store, it is the cost of the scarf plus the operating cost of the store. If you are a trader, it is the cost of the scarf, plus the cost of the trade process. If it’s a manufacturer, it’s the cost of the scarf, plus the cost of selling.

From the point of view of making scarves, divided into the cost of fabric, and the cost of making scarves. The fabric cost needs to be purchased by the manufacturer himself from the fabric manufacturer, and then produced by the corresponding printing method, or the jacquard method, depending on the demand, the cost is also different.

For example, if the supplier already has the product in stock, it is the cost of the scarf itself, and if it is purchased from an offline physical store, there is no shipping cost. If it is a local courier, add the cost of the local courier. If it is shipped from other countries/regions, then the cost of shipping by sea, air, and international express will again be different. The cost of shipping is the more quantity and heavier the weight, the less the average cost of each scarf. So sea freight is also the cheapest way of international transportation.

In terms of production cost, the cost of each scarf, made of the most common fabric, may only cost US$0.7/pcs But if you add the other costs and expenses of running a factory (raw material purchase cost, staff salary, space, electricity, insurance, various welfare benefits), you may have to sell it at $2.1/pcs, otherwise, you may not even be able to carry out the basic operating expenses of the factory.

If it is a brand, such as Hermes, LV, Chanel, Gucci, ASCHER, and other luxury goods, they will add their own brand added value, (of course, they choose materials and design, which will also be better, but there will not be much difference), maybe a scarf facing the consumer’s selling price may be USD $200-USD $2000

In the whole chain of international trade, there are basically several roles, such as manufacturer, exporter, importer, distributor, wholesaler, retailer, and customer In Amazon, Shopify, AliExpress, Lazada, Shopee, wish, eBay, Walmart online, and another B2C platform.

Can directly reduce the cost of some, maybe the manufacturer, exporter, importer, B2C platform, and customer.

Or some have time and energy manufacturer, now open B2C store for sales, that is manufacturer, B2C platform, customer (which the biggest cost, it becomes the cost of operating the B2C platform, the need for advertising, the cost of operating personnel and other aspects)

From a manufacturer’s point of view, following I listed some of the processes of making some scarves, advantages, and disadvantages, as well as some factors that will affect the cost, as well as advantages and disadvantages, for reference. Hope it can help you better understand.

Get Inspired —— Design Cost 1

If your custom scarf project requires design services, here are some classic and famous examples, or you can create a beautiful scarf with our design team.

Choose Your Custom Accessories Style At SCARF.COM, we have exclusive designers of fashion accessory shapes, from scarves, beachwear, bucket hats, and cloth face coverings to any design required for precise application. Working closely with you, we will develop custom fashion accessories that best suit your local customer’s preferences or preferences. For any customization needs related to fashion accessories, please contact us.

Choose Your Custom Accessories Fabric——Design Cost 2

Most of the fabrics we provide are natural like silk, wool, cashmere, and blend material, which are easy to degrade, recycle fabric like polyester fabric that is made from recycled plastic bottles, recycle cotton that is made from recycled clothes or organic fabric like organic cotton, You can personalize your choice according to your needs.

Cashmere, Polyester, Cotton, Viscose, Silk, Acrylic

Fabric —— Fabric Cost

SCARF.COM offers well-selected synthetic & natural materials of all sorts to help you custom make custom accessories of different functions with the right materials.

Synthetic Fiber


Advantages: Resilient and durable when combined with other fabrics Great blending ability and good color payoff Perfect for Scarves, Beachwear, Bucket Hat, Cloth Mask


Advantages: Strong, resilient & durable Gentle on the skin Perfect for Scarves, Beachwear, Bucket Hat, Cloth Mask


Advantages: Strongest, yet the softest fabric Luxurious & Long-lasting Perfect for Scarves, Beachwear, Bucket Hat, Cloth Mask

Natural Hair


Advantages: Strong, resilient & durable Gentle on the skin Perfect for Scarves, Beachwear, Bucket Hat, Cloth Mask & Accessories


Advantages Ultra-soft, fine & smooth Easy control, ideal for creating sheer Perfect for Scarves, Beachwear,


Advantages: Ultra-soft, fine & smooth Easy to control, ideal for creating sheer & natural fashion accessories looks Perfect for Scarves, Beachwear, Bucket Hat, Cloth Mask

Printing Method—— Printing Cost

Digital Print

Digital printing is a modern production method that refers to the process of printing digital-based images directly onto various media, creating your artwork on a computer.

Advantage High quality, the color pattern is perfectly printed on the piece, no problem with thick lines. Timeliness, with fewer steps in the printing process, the final product can be delivered faster. Digital printing offers the most affordable solution for customization etc.


There will be a color cast, and the color compatibility needs to be improved. Choose Your Custom Edge With a complete supply chain & our in-house handle-processing workshop, We have different detailed designs for each type of product and provide personalized customization services. If you need anything, please feel free to communicate with us.


Digital Print Double-sided digital printing is a new technology that solves the color problem of the back of ordinary digitally printed silk fabrics.


Double-sided digital printing perfectly solves the problem of ink penetration Both sides can have the same pattern or different patterns, two fabrics in one. Disadvantage Its disadvantage is that the production time is longer and the price is higher than ordinary digital printing. Double-sided printing requires the use of thick fabrics. Thin fabrics, such as polyester, viscose, and other fabrics are not suitable for double-sided printing.

Screen Print

Screen printing involves pressing paint through a printing screen (made of a steel frame and nylon mesh) to print.


Amazing image reproduction Great for sharp edges and solid color blocks Screen printing will be an ideal choice if you want to make simple and high-volume printing. Disadvantages One color per screen – not suitable for multi-color designs Not suitable for photos/color gradients Accurate reproduction of shadows, tonal transitions, and details is not its strong suit

Choose Your Custom Edge——Cost

Choose Labels, Hangtags&Packages——Cost

SCARF.COM From labels to hang tags to packaging offers a variety of options to make your fashion accessories more attractive to customers. just feel free to talk with us about your requirements.

Label —— Cost

Hangtags Packages

Label Printing Methods —— Cost

Pad printing, screen printing Laser printing, or engraving on the ferrules

Printing Position —— Cost

Single-sided, double-sided, or all-over printing

So that is a guide from A to Z of scarf cost analysis.

If you have anything to discuss, please feel free to leave a comment below or write to me and let me know.


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