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Fabric for Pants

What is the best fabric for pants? How to choose the fabrics for pants? The trousers are a staple in almost every style. Trousers are the mainstay of any wardrobe and frequently wear. It’s important to choose the right fabric when choosing trousers. The wrong fabric will make your pants look bad or not last.

Don’t worry, follow me, I will tell you the best fabric for pants, according to different environments and temperatures. And how much fabric do you need.

How to choose fabric for pants?


A good breathability will keep you dry and prevent excessive sweating. It also helps to avoid discomfort. Materials with good breathability are also useful for summer sportswear. They can reduce the chances of bacteria growth and odors.


All clothing types should be comfortable. It is possible to create a relaxing experience by choosing materials that are soft and do not irritate. Pants should also allow for unrestricted movements, balancing warmth with flexibility. It will cause discomfort when worn.

Durability and wrinkle resistance

Pants should be stronger and more durable than other garments because they are worn by people who walk and move around. If wrinkles are visible quickly, this can affect the user’s experience and their trust in a brand.

Polyester, for example, is a fabric that has a built-in elasticity and resistance to wrinkles. Chemical agents such as wrinkle repellents or shrinkage inhibitors can be used to enhance the fabric’s wrinkle resistance. You can also add special coatings on the fabric to enhance its properties.


How many yards of fabric for pants? The fabric is heavier and warmer when the GSM (or oz) is higher. The season is the main factor in determining GSM. Pants for spring and fall are usually lighter with fabrics like polyester or cotton. Winter fabrics, such as corduroys, require between 300 GSM and 350 GSM.

You can get a better idea of the type of trousers each fabric would work best for by feeling it in a fabric store. You can still find some great fabrics online. You should always check the weight when you are buying fabric online to make trousers.

Weights are usually listed as grams per square meter or ounces/square yard. Remember that the higher the GSM, or the more ounces the fabric is going to be.

Type of PantsFabric WidthFabric Needed
Simple Adult Pants60 inches (150 cm)2 to 2.5 yards
45 inches (114 cm)2.5 to 3 yards
Tailored/ Detailed Pants60 inches (150 cm)2.5 to 3 yards
45 inches (114 cm)3 to 3.5 yards
Children’s Pants60 inches (150 cm)1 to 1.5 yards
45 inches (114 cm)1.5 to 2 yards
  • Larger Sizes: Add an additional 0.5 to 1 yard of fabric.
  • Design Details: Pants with wide legs, high waists, or additional design details (like pleats, pockets, or cuffs) will require more fabric.
  • Pattern Matching: Buy extra fabric to account for pattern matching, mistakes, or shrinkage after washing.

Types of fabric for pants

Here I recommend some good types of fabrics for pants, let’s take a look.


fabric for pants - cotton
fabric for pants – cotton

Cotton is a natural material that is lightweight, flexible, breathable and comfortable. Cotton is a versatile fabric that can be used to create pants for any style or season. Because of its moisture-wicking qualities, it’s often blended with other fabrics for sportswear such as yoga pants and cycling briefs.

Cotton is also less likely to cause irritation of the skin, it is often used for children’s trousers.


fabric for pants - denim
fabric for pants – denim

Denim is one of the most popular twill fabrics and is perfect for casual, everyday trousers. The fabric is typically thick, heavy, or mid-weight. It’s durable and comfortable.


fabric for pants - linen
fabric for pants – linen

Linen fabric has a high colorfastness and is very easy to dye. It is also resistant to dust and static electricity. But linen is susceptible to wrinkles and deformation.

Uses: Summer pants, casual wear, beachwear.

Linen/cotton blend

fabric for pants - Linen and cotton blend
fabric for pants – Linen and cotton blend

You love the comfort of linen but you hate the wrinkles. You may want your trousers to have a more relaxed, less worn-in look. Consider a linen/cotton mix. Cotton is a little softer and wrinkles less than linen.


fabric for pants - Silk
fabric for pants – Silk

Silk is lightweight, has a smooth and soft touch, and provides exceptional comfort. Summer is the perfect time to make wide-leg pants. The unique sheen of this fabric and its luxurious feel make it a great choice for premium trousers. But this type of fabric is not durable.

Silk fibers are hygroscopic, which means they can absorb up to 40% of the weight in water and not show any moisture. This is why you will never feel damp if you perspire. It’s suitable fabric for pajama pants.

Silk fibers are anti-allergic and suitable for sensitive skin.


fabric for pants - Polyester
fabric for pants – Polyester

The most common fabric for pants and trousers is polyester fiber. Polyester is a material that has high abrasion and wrinkle resistance. Its dyed colors also are vibrant and do not fade easily. Polyester is used to make many types of pants including cargo pants, travel pants, activewear and work pants.

Pure polyester fibers are not breathable and can generate static electricity. This material can cause allergic reactions or skin irritation. Most manufacturers mix it with other materials, such as cotton, spandex and other fibers, to create pants.


fabrics for pants - Wool
fabrics for pants – Wool

Wool pants are popular due to their excellent moisture-absorbing and warmth properties. Wool trousers and tweeds are commonly used for casual and business styles. Wool may cause allergies.


fabrics for pants - Canvas
fabrics for pants – Canvas

Canvas is tough, durable and usually made of cotton fibers. The fabric is durable, strong, and resistant to wind and water. Fabrics of this type are ideal for outdoor environments and active lifestyles. It is therefore often used to make casual pants, outdoor pants, and work pants.

It is not recommended for situations that require high breathability or hot weather.


fabrics for pants - Corduroy
fabrics for pants – Corduroy

Corduroy is also a classic fabric for trousers. The fabric is perfect for trousers due to its uniqueness and durability. Corduroy, a high-density synthetic fabric, is excellent for insulation.


fabrics for pants - Rayon
fabrics for pants – Rayon

Rayon is a regenerated cellulose fiber made by chemically treating natural cellulose (usually from wood pulp or cotton fibers). Rayon has a soft, smooth texture and looks and feels similar to silk, but at a relatively low cost.


fabrics for pants - Velvet
fabrics for pants – Velvet

Velvet is a luxurious fabric known for its soft texture, rich color and gorgeous appearance. Avoid heavy pressure when storing to avoid flattening the fluff. It is best to hang it up or fold it lightly.

Uses: Dress pants, evening wear, special occasions

Fabric TypeCharacteristicsUses
CottonBreathable, comfortable, easy to care forCasual pants, chinos, summer wear
DenimDurable, slightly stretchyJeans, casual wear
LinenLight, breathable, moisture-wickingSummer pants, beachwear
WoolWarm, insulating, wrinkle-resistantDress pants, suits, winter wear
PolyesterDurable, wrinkle-resistantWork pants, uniforms
RayonSoft, drapes well, breathableDress pants, palazzo pants
TwillDurable, diagonal weave patternChinos, khakis, work pants
SilkLuxurious, smooth, breathableDress pants, formal wear
Spandex/Elastane BlendsHigh stretch, flexibleActivewear, leggings
CorduroySoft, warm, ribbed textureCasual pants, winter wear
GabardineDurable, tightly wovenDress pants, suits, uniforms
CanvasHeavyweight, sturdyWork pants, outdoor wear
VelvetSoft, luxurious textureDress pants, evening wear


How many yards of fabric for pants?

What is fabric for pajama pants?

How much fabric for pajama pants?


  • 45-inch wide fabric: 2.5 to 3 yards
  • 60-inch wide fabric: 2 to 2.5 yards


  • 45-inch wide fabric: 1 to 1.5 yards
  • 60-inch wide fabric: 0.75 to 1 yard

What fabric is best for stretchy pants?

Which fabric is best for formal pants?

What fabric to use in pants lining?

What fabric lasts longest outside?

What is the most breathable fabric?

What fabric doesn’t show sweat?

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