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How to Find Reliable China Wholesale Scarves Supplier


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What I noticed is that importers pay more attention to choosing the best quality product and so they want it to be supplied safely. Here raises the point of finding a good and trustworthy wholesale supplier. For this purpose, they invest a maximum amount of time and energy in discovering that creature though but, still, sometimes they are unable to find the best one. The reason here is not having enough knowledge of what to consider while looking for a reliable wholesale supplier in China. After observing this trouble faced and reported by a lot of importers, I thought of finding the solution to it, and here you are. Yes, if you want to get to know all the steps and things to consider finding the best supplier so stay in touch with me throughout this whole guide.

Does scarf import from china would be beneficial?

Look, you must be aware of the benefits of importing a scarf from China to stay motivated and excited while proceeding with the importing process. Right? We all know about the huge scarf market in China and, like every human being, you want to explore it to satisfy your interest. Importing scarves from China not only provides benefits in case of pricing but also opens up a door to a variety of scarves to add glamor to one’s personality. To get to know more about it, let’s learn about the benefit in depth.

Manageable pricing with satisfactory quality

The first and most appealing advantage of importing a scarf from China is getting an amazing quality product at amazing pricing. Due to the presence of various scarf manufacturing companies, an atmosphere of competition is created there. As a result, every factory tries to innovate their scarf so customers can get their favorite ones at the best pricing.

Variety of options within your budget

The presence of several manufacturing companies results in a vast variety of products. Thus, if you want to import products on a limited budget, you’ll never get disappointed due to their pricing strategy. They can adjust product quality, design, and quantity according to your budget, and the end product is always satisfactory.

Reliable manufacturing with worldwide shipping

Another exciting benefit of importing scarves from China is worldwide shipping. Yes, they offer a safe shipping facility along with ensuring reliable manufacturing of the product. A company’s reliability is actually a plus point for customers to get their desired product without getting in touch with the manufacturers physically.

Should we buy scarves from wholesale suppliers?

Now, the question arises of why to import scarves from wholesale suppliers. You must be aware of the price per unit if you buy the bulk product from any supplier, right? I would recommend you import scarves from wholesale suppliers always. To get to know about its reasons, continue reading further.

Purchase cost-benefit

First of all, whenever you buy anything from a wholesale supplier, you get the finest PPU (Price Per Unit). Getting a quality product with reasonable pricing is the edge of buying from wholesale suppliers.

Customization benefit

Secondly, you can get product customization from wholesale manufacturers within a smart budget. Their product customization prices will be lower compared to the market rate and so you get the best customization service from wholesale suppliers.

Advanced Machinery

Wholesale suppliers use advanced machinery for manufacturing and packaging. The use of advanced machinery results in neat scarf printing, sewing, and packaging.

How to start research for a wholesale supplier?

Coming back to the main point, which is finding the best supplier, follow these instructions.

Things to consider while looking for a scarf supplier

Before taking the final decision about scarves supplier selection, consider the following points first.

Clients’ support

Make sure about the customer support services of the supplier. Learn more about it to get to know about what they offer you in case of any issues. Getting to know about customer support services of suppliers is mandatory for the safety of dealings. Hence, you must be aware of all such policies.


A second and important point to consider is their service charges. Learn about their charges per order quantity and any deals they are offering. Contact them and share your requirements to formulate a desirable package for you. Compare their package and services with other selected ones.

Quality of product

The major concern to discuss at this point is the quality of the product. What kind of product they are going to supply and does it match the demanded one? Take complete information about quality while negotiating and then proceed accordingly. For this purpose, you can ask for a sample. The supplier can send a parcel of the sample to your address. If you are not willing to wait too long for the parcel’s sample, you can ask the supplier to share detailed videos and pictures of the product. This will help you to clarify all doubts and queries regarding the product. 

Ways to find a Wholesale supplier

At this stage, when you are aware enough to select any scarf wholesale supplier, discover the ways of finding a supplier. You must know the means of finding a supplier. While sitting thousands of miles away in other countries, choosing ways to find suppliers could be challenging. But, to reduce that search pressure, I shared some means of finding wholesale suppliers below.

Visit China to find a supplier

The first and most valid method to choose is to visit China directly. This method is opted usually for if you are going to import a huge order from China or you want to continue importing on a long-term basis. Doing so can reduce the chances of being scammed to zero percent and build more trust in a relationship with the supplier. Now, visiting China directly also constitutes multiple domains to cover.

(1)Look for suppliers on all trusted china platforms

Don’t miss visiting any single platform in China where you can find the opportunity to meet various scarves suppliers. The more you got interacted with suppliers, the more you get to know about their services, which makes it easier for you to decide. I’ll share some points one should never miss looking for a Chinese scarf wholesale supplier.

2Scarves wholesale market

Visit all scarves wholesale markets. Some of the renowned markets include the Yiwu scarf market, Hangzhou Silk Scarf market, Hangzhou Tonglu Scarf market, Qinghe Cashmere Scarf market, and Zhengzhou Scarf market. These markets contain a crowd of customers and visitors due to their variety of scarves. Even tourists love to explore these markets due to their exceptional art on scarves. While visiting, you can directly ask for samples or inquire about the scarf quality, design and pricing yourself. If you want to learn more about these scarf markets, visit wholesale markets to import from China.

(3 )Trade fairs

Chinese trade fairs contain an unlimited variety of products with unique designs. Multiple manufacturing companies took their products to the exhibition. A crowd of individuals comes to visit those fairs. You must visit those fairs to learn more about reliable suppliers. You can directly meet with the suppliers there who are exhibiting their products and communicate further to get to know more. Due to the global epidemic, these trade fairs are shifted to an online format, and it’s more convenient for you to join them from anywhere in the world by connecting through a good internet by visiting their websites. Famous trade fairs to visit for finding supplier involves the Canton fair, Yiwu commodities fair, and East China Import and Export Commodity Fair (ECF).

4Industrial clusters

Join industrial clusters of scarf manufacturing companies, attend their seminars, and learn their supplying strategies. These methods can accommodate you find a reliable wholesale scarf supplier for importing scarves.

Visit Chinese trusted online wholesale scarves supplying the platform

If you can’t visit China directly, which is of course not an easy way to choose due to the investment of time, money, and energy, search for Chinese wholesale scarves supplying platform online.


Visit all their websites and go through their services. If you can check, then go for checking their reviews. Chat with the customer support service to clear all your doubts and queries regarding scarves supply. Prepare a list of various manufacturing companies’ websites that you found reliable and match your requirements. (Trusted Scarf Wholesale Supplier).

Here, you can find some reliable suppliers of Scarves by searching for “Scarves” or “Scarf suppliers”.

Caution for searching suppliers online

There is a myth while searching. The one which appeared on the top is considered a good one. Don’t run behind this myth instead, do your complete research to avoid any mishap in the future. The other belief is that all verified suppliers are good. This is also not true. Maybe the one who seems to be verified is an expert in any other domain, so you can’t just label them good based on verification of their profile. You need to stay more attentive and focused while searching for suppliers online.

Try to find a supplier on the freelance platform

Due to technology upgrades, there are various trusted freelance platforms where you can find your desirable supplier directly. The widely known among these platforms involves Fiverr and Upwork.


This platform holds a crowd of freelance service provider. You can easily make an account by entering some quick required details and then searching for the supplier. If you couldn’t get a satisfactory result, then you can post a request. Service providers will respond to it and you can negotiate with them to find the suitable one. This is the cheapest freelance service platform due to reasonable pricing.


If you still are not getting any supplier, you can make an account on Upwork. Here you’ll get more reliable suppliers, but their pricing would be a bit higher compared to others.

Stay informed about the type of supplier you are working with

After short-listing the supplier, get to know about the type of supplier. Whether you are working with a manufacturing company or trading one. Getting to know about your supplier is crucial because it influences not only the pricing but also your product quality. So do detailed research on it.

Is it important to communicate with the supplier?

By fostering a strong and trustworthy relationship in which both parties feel comfortable exchanging information and cooperating to achieve these goals, effective communication between buyers and suppliers helps to promote long-term goals.

Why choose a manufacturing company for supplying?

Choosing a manufacturing company is beneficial in terms of cost. Manufacturing companies offer the lowest price of the product compared to trading companies. There are two different kinds of scarf manufacturing companies in China. The first one is those who directly send their product to any trading company for supply. Such companies don’t bother to communicate with foreigners and so sell their scarves at the cheapest price ever. The other type of company hires specific staff to deal with foreigners and proceed with supplying scarves to them. They usually take part in trade fair exhibitions, join industrial clusters and ensure their presence on all online platforms. Their scarves pricing is a bit higher than the first type of manufacturing company but still low than the price offered by trading companies. So if you are concerned about getting a good quality product or the customized one within your budget, contact the scarf manufacturing company.

Sourcing company/agent; good or bad as a supplier

If you want to import a variety of products from China which require effort to find multiple suppliers and their verification, this can be a hectic task to do. In such cases, people usually hire a sourcing agent who acts as their representative in China. You are only supposed to share your requirements with the agent and the agent is responsible for finding suppliers, quality checks, shipping, and all other necessary steps to consider. So supplier selection largely depends on the type of services you want.

Are Overstock wholesalers can be a good supplier?

If you want to avail the least price benefit, then you can work with overstock wholesale suppliers. They hold factories’ stock and sell them at extremely lower prices. Here you don’t get any chance to customize, instead, you are supposed to choose between already available products.

Try to connect with individuals who have done it earlier

Another smart method of finding a reliable supplier is to connect with people who have worked with scarves suppliers in China. Ask them to provide you with the budget, pricing, dealing, and method along with their working experience and suppliers’ review. After gathering this information, it would be easier for you to decide and contact the selected supplier. Their experience will also guide you throughout the process of dealings and negotiation.

How to verify the supplier?

At this stage, you are done with finding a supplier who is meeting all your requirements. But, before proceeding further, you are supposed to verify the supplier. For verification, consider the following points carefully.

Background of supplier

To avoid facing any kind of trouble, analyze the background of the supplier completely. You can ask for their business license or trade assurance to check their response. If you feel they are reliable enough after checking, then proceed further.

Efficiency of communication

Communicate your expectations with the supplier timely to minimize the risk of any miscommunication. Additionally, ask them about the mode of communication. Usually, Chinese suppliers are not available on weekends, but due to your time differences, ask them to share their all-time available contact details. You can also see them on WhatsApp or WeChat app to ensure a proper connection. So you can ask them to connect with you there for effective communication.

The balance between quality and price

This is a significant point of verification. Apart from the fact that importing scarves from China is budget-friendly if a supplier claims to provide a $100 product for just $2 so can you believe it? NO! Of course, you wouldn’t because you can directly compare the price with quality and no one can sell their product at this much loss right? Similarly, analyze the price offered by the supplier for your desired product and if it seems to be possible on realistic ground, then proceed further. Hence, quality and price balance checking assist you in verifying the supplier and prevent you from any kind of scam.


The last step to consider is the expertise of the supplier. If you are contacting the supplier, they can send you any of their salespeople to deal with. But, once you share your big purchase or long-term work desire, they’ll let you contact the senior supplier. Hence, you can communicate and analyze whether the supplier is aware of the product, its cost, material, policy, instruction, and benefits or not. If you find that person aware enough to respond appropriately and correctly, then it would be an indicator of that supplier’s experience of working in a specified niche.

Don’t forget to take reviews from their previous customers

When you select a few suppliers meeting your criteria, search for those individuals who have worked with those suppliers before and ask them to share their experiences. This not only will help you in taking a decision but also gave you an outlook of the whole process.

Make sure about their responsibility and reliability

Once you are done taking the review from previous customers, check the suppliers’ work history and do complete research on it. This will help you get to know about their responsible and reliable attitude. And if you find any of those suppliers suitable accordingly so, mark them to proceed further. To check the suppliers’ reliability and responsibility, ask them to share their previous working records. Try to contact those customers and ask them about suppliers’ credibility and suitability. It’ll help you in ensuring the reliable and responsible attitude of the supplier. Once you are done confirming the supplier, communicate your exact requirements and set a deadline accordingly.

Finally, after considering all the above steps, I hope it would be easier for you to choose a reliable supplier for importing scarves from China.


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